Bron Upjohn Manager

Bronwen started on the team at Wingara Thoroughbreds back in 2000. She has been an integral member of the team, progressing very quickly to a managerial role, and to now being head of all operations at Wingara Thoroughbreds, a position she has held for over 15 years.

Bronwen hails from a family background steeped in horse history, with many members of her family dedicated to the industry. She has inherited this love of horses and has dedicated her life to mastering her horsemanship. She has shown an enormous capacity not only to continually update and expand her thoroughbred knowledge but also; has become a first class communicator. This is showcased by the retention of core staff which have worked with Bronwen over many years at the Kilmore operation of Wingara Thoroughbreds.

Bronwen’s dedication to both horse and people are second to none and due to much of her hard work and diligence Wingara Thoroughbreds boasts a formidable line up of thoroughbreds that have come through her and the teams hands to have enormously successful careers on the race track. Her experience and expertise ensures your thoroughbreds are given their best chance to excel during their career.