Preparing Race Horses for their journey ahead

Our Pre-Training philosophy is simple, use our facilities to produce horses in the best possible physical and mental state to withstand the rigors of a full racing preparation. We give our best assistance to prepare each horse individually with the intent to assist trainers and owners in achieving race track success.

Wingara Thoroughbreds has the facilities to work between 30 and 35 Pre-Training horses each day. The farm has 3 stabling areas which include walk in and walk out boxes, individual ¼ acre day yards and also open front covered boxes. Work each morning is completed in one of three areas; our 800 meter sand track, 1800 walk and trot track or a number of trail walks that we use through the hills at the back of the property.

We also utilise our multi horse walker so there is plenty of opportunity for a change of scenery to keep horses that are in work both mentally and physically active and happy.

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